Michael W. Mathesie, DC has been utilizing therapeutic laser in his practice since 2005. He has successfully treated thousands of patient with this amazing therapeutic device, including conditions like Bell’s Palsy, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Plantar Fasciitis, Shoulder Tendonitis, Golfer’s Elbow, Tennis Elbow, and Neck and Low Back Pain as well as many other nerve, joint, and muscle conditions. As science has discovered more and more about this therapy, Dr. Mathesie has upgraded his devices to keep up with the research. He has been instructing physicians for many years now on the proper use of laser therapy for neuromusculoskeletal conditions. There are many clinics that have laser devices that truly do not do anything for the condition because the power, wavelength and time of treatment with the device is not adequate or proper for the condition being treated. Dr. Mathesie has a (Lumix 250) superpulsed 910 nm, 250 Watt peak power, 2 Watt average power Laser for the deep spinal facet joints and disc conditions, 810nm, 10 watt power laser, and an 980nm, 10 Watt power Laser for the tendons and other conditions. This therapy has helped patients with their chronic conditions when nothing else had worked for them. This therapy with the proper parameters can accelerate the healing process and healing time of injuries. Most insurance policies will not cover the use of laser therapy because they classify it as investigational. However, there are nearly 3000 peer reviewed studies across the globe on the effectiveness of laser therapy when used properly with the right wavelength and adequate amount of joules of energy for the condition. Dr Mathesie gets many referrals just for this therapy from patients, even out of state, because of the specific laser that he has. This therapy is well worth the out of pocket cost because the results a fantastic.